How to Give Birth- What’s Your Story?

Birth Stories- Hearing the empowering story of another woman's birth will give you confidence in your body's ability to birth! Your body knows how to give birth! You were created for this Mama!

How to Give Birth? Read this Nigerian Mama's vaginal birth story and how she learned not to rush labor!

During the early stage of my first pregnancy scan test, I was told my due date was 8th of March, 2014. So, I was to expect my baby at exactly forty weeks. Well, I had no issue whatsoever regarding my pregnancy but I was very eager to meet my new world. Every time, I talked to my little one inside me that we were going to meet soon.

I reached the final stage of my pregnancy(precisely, 38weeks gone). The weather in mid February was very hot in my home country, Nigeria. This made me uncomfortable and I grew more impatient. I wasn’t having any pains or complications. I was just impatient to meet my son and the weather condition contributed to the situation. So, I thought to myself “maybe, I can do something to trigger labor this period before my due date… I have waited long enough and couldn’t wait anymore” I went on talking to myself that “I have heard about women giving birth three weeks before their due date and I want to fall in that category, after all it’s possible”

I decided to do a google search on natural way to induce labor and I came across two things to believe would be very helpful to me. The first discovery was Pineapple. Yes…fresh pineapple in particular is said to contain an enzyme called bromelain.

The popular theory is that somehow the bromelain from the pineapple makes its way to your cervix and causes the breakdown of tissue there, causing the cervix to soften thereby stimulating labor. I read further that, there is no evidence to support this theory, however. At least, I was glad I found what I was looking for and was going to give it a big try. I was tired of the pregnancy already and wanted something to be done fast to pop out my baby.

While at home and couldn’t go out to get some fresh and ripe pineapple. I thought of calling my husband on phone to help me get the pineapple. I didn’t tell him my reason of wanting to eat it because, I felt he would object to my intention of causing labor myself.

Voila! Here comes my pineapple. I hurriedly washed and sliced it into small chunks and refreshed myself. I ended up eating the whole fruit just to hasten labor. After relishing the fruit with all excitement, I waited for a little while to see the outcome. Few minutes later, I began to feel contraction and was delighted that labor was very close to happen. Sadly enough, the contraction came and gone and there was no further sign of labor. But I refused to give up. I moved to the second discovery which was sex.

It never crossed my mind that having a sexual intercourse at thirty-eight weeks gone was permissible. I thought it was forbidden(laughing right now) but please don’t judge me, momma. The reason being that, I didn’t want to hurt my baby in there because I was told his head was facing downward(apparently close to my cervix region if I’m correct). I’m not a medical doctor but I was just being careful not to hurt him. At some points, I wasn’t sexually aroused because of my condition but I made up my mind to make love with my husband. I pretended to be sexually aroused and my husband was surprised. He knew very well that, we were not supposed to have sex during that period until I put to bed. It was at this time that I opened up to him about my intention. He agreed with me and we made love that night. Guess what? No sign of labor after doing our thing. Once again, I felt disappointed.

From my two trials so far, I wasn’t lucky to naturally induce labor. I had no choice than to wait till when it was time. However, I had a natural labor on my exact due date and a vaginal birth. One thing I can’t accurately tell was if any pain medication was administered to reduce labor pain.

Lesson to learn from my ‘trying to induce labor’ experience- I know how tiring it can be during the late pregnancy period. The growing baby causes your uterus to make more room for it. Inasmuch as you may want to get your baby out before the exact due date, it’s quite advisable to hold on a little longer for baby to come on its own. The good news is that, you won’t be pregnant forever, okay?

If by any chance you feel heavier and uncomfortable with no complication, try taking a short walk to places that would take your mind off the intention of inducing labor yourself. Try watching your favorite tv show or do something else to have fun just to while away time.

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How to Give Birth? Read Nicoll's birth story about how she gave birth to her first son, Magnus, in a hospital setting with an epidural! I love how she felt so empowered during her postpartum experience as well!

I’m Nicoll Novak, host of the Mastering Motherhood Podcast. I live in Colorado with my husband and son, Magnus, who I gave birth to in May of 2019.
I became pregnant with my first child in August of 2018. At my first ultrasound, at 7 weeks, the doctor calculated my due date based on my last menstrual period, but after doing the ultrasound, adjusted that date by 6 days. At first I was sad because even that early, I was so anxious to meet this little boy or girl. Looking back, I’m glad for the adjusted due date because it would have made the end of my pregnancy seem infinitely longer.
At 7 months pregnant I made a crazy decision and took a new job. This was a big risk on my end because it made me legally ineligible for FMLA (the act that would have allowed me to take a 12 week leave of absence after the birth of my child and protect my job). My new employer, however, made it clear to me that they were committed to my long-term career and if that meant taking time off shortly after starting, they were happy to work with me.
My entire pregnancy I had it in my head that I would not go past my due date. Especially since that due date had been moved back. I ate dates, bounced on the yoga ball, you name it. I also obsessively listened to other women’s birth stories to see what symptoms they had right before going into labor (mine was when I got puffy in the face, by the way). My due date came and I saw a midwife who told me I was about 2cm dilated, but that she didn’t anticipate Baby coming anytime soon, so we should go ahead and schedule an induction. The induction was set for a week later.
At that point, I was disappointed because I had wanted to go into labor on my own, but at least I knew when my baby was coming now, so I could plan accordingly.
The next day (1 day past my due date) I went to lunch with some coworkers and was feeling some pretty strong contractions. Braxton-Hicks, I thought. I had been having them for several weeks at that point. They were coming about every 20 minutes and were strong enough to get my attention, but not too painful. I walked back to my office after lunch and noticed that they did get stronger when I walked. Interesting, but definitely not real contractions because my baby isn’t coming until next week, I told myself.
I decided to head home a little early JUST IN CASE and mentally made plans to stay in bed all evening and relax.
Well my husband came home and told me his sister was in town and wanted to meet up for dinner at a famous pizza place about an hour away. At first I panicked. But then I thought, Get it together, Nicoll. You’re not ACTUALLY in labor. And even if you are, that’s some really good pizza and it might be your last meal before delivery. It would be, in fact, my last meal before delivery.
We went to get pizza and my contractions were still about 20 minutes apart throughout dinner. The dinner actually served as a welcome distraction to stop me from obsessing over trying to figure out if my contractions were real or not.
We went home and went to bed and at around 2am the contractions were bad enough that I felt like I needed to get out of bed. They were picking up in both speed and intensity, yet I still wasn’t convinced this was the real deal.
Pain management wasn’t really anything I had taken seriously during pregnancy since I planned on getting an epidural, so it wasn’t until that very moment that I started researching techniques to make labor more manageable. Let me tell you…labor HURTS. I tried bouncing on the yoga, ball, laboring in the bathtub, rubbing my own back, but I just could not quite get ahead of the pain.
Morning came around and my contractions were now around six minutes apart, so I decided to wake up my husband and let him know we may need to go to the hospital. My sweet husband took his time taking a shower, getting breakfast, getting dressed. It really frustrated me at the time, but I’m glad that he did because it would have been too soon to go to the hospital at that point.
One of the things I had dreaded during pregnancy was going to the hospital on labor day and being sent back home because I wasn’t far enough along, so I had always planned on laboring at home as long as possible. That is, until I was actually in labor, then I couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough.
When my contractions were down to five minutes apart, around 9 am, we headed out. I grabbed a piece of bread to have for breakfast, but the pain was far too intense to be able to eat any of it.
As soon as we got to the hospital and checked in, I just started crying. Sitting there and really realizing our lives were about to change forever was a lot to take in. I also threw up shortly after arriving.
The nurse came in to check on us and it happened to be the nurse from our childbirth preparation class! It was such a relief to see her. She checked my cervix and told me I was only about 3 centimeters dilated and that they don’t usually admit mothers at this stage. I was devastated. I was in so much pain, there was no way I was leaving that hospital.
She told me she’d come and check on me in a bit to see if I had progressed at all. After a few times in and out, she said she spoke to the doctor about my vomiting and they were going to go ahead and admit me.
Thank God, epidural. Nope! It wasn’t until about 2pm that I was offered an epidural and they couldn’t put it in me fast enough.
In my original birth plan, I had wanted to make it to 8 centimeters before getting an epidural. I made it to 5. After that, I felt great. I still had a window of pain, but it was nothing compared to before. I was finally able to calm down some.
A few hours later my contractions had slowed down, so I was given some Pitocin to speed things along. Baby did not like that and his heartrate dropped almost immediately. My poor husband had just closed his eyes for the first time when a whole team of doctors and nurses came rushing in talking about giving me a C-section.
Fortunately, almost as soon as the Pitocin was unhooked, his heartrate corrected itself. That little kick of Pitocin was all I needed, though, to get things moving along. My next cervical check I was at 8 centimeters and the doctor asked me if I wanted her to break my water. After some hesitation I agreed.
The nurse then told me I would know I needed to push when I felt like I was going to have a bowel movement, so to alert her when I felt that. I panicked, thinking, What if I don’t feel it?! She assured me that she would also be looking at the monitors to make sure both me and the baby were safe.
And then I felt it. I will never forget the feeling of my son’s head dropping down and feeling the urge to push. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought his head was already out. The delivery was so much different, and peaceful, than I expected. I imagined it being like the movies where the room would be full of medical staff and I’d be screaming at the top of my lungs. But it was just me, my husband and the nurse.
She asked me if I wanted a mirror to see the progress and it simultaneously scared and motivated me seeing the hair on his little head. After 30 minutes of pushing, right when I felt like I was really making progress, the nurse asked me to stop so she could call the doctor in to deliver my son.
I pushed and pushed and remember feeling a terrible pain right at the end. He was stuck. There was a little bit of skin that wasn’t allowing him to pass, so the doctor asked me if she could make an incision. Will it hurt? I asked. She just started at me like, Of course it will hurt, but we’ve got a baby that needs to come out. I let her make the cut and surprisingly, I felt immediate relief the second she did it and my baby slipped right out. I had pushed for just under an hour.
It was amazing. I barely felt the placenta being delivered because I was so amazed at my son. My husband and I were both wide-eyed.
I opted to do skin-to-skin with him for the first hour. My husband was going to name him and had said all along that he’d need to see him before he chose a name. I kept asking him, What’s his name? And my husband just kept staring at us with this look of complete shock and amazement and finally, after an hour, he named him. Magnus. He held him and that’s one of the most beautiful moments of my life, on the best day of my life.
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