Flu Remedies- Natural AND Inexpensive!

So you or your little loves have the flu? Hang in there Mama! Try these flu remedies that are both natural AND inexpensive!

So I think that we can all agree that being sick is no fun, but now that I’m a Mama I would also like to argue that when one of your little loves is sick it’s even WORSE! Their watery little eyes and red noses…whewww… and those “I don’t feel good” whinies. You would do just about anything to make them feel better! You might’ve even stumbled upon this “natural and inexpensive flu remedies” post by surfing the internet to try and find some kind magic potion that will make it all just go away! Ha ha! 

Well… what I have is not a magic potion BUT it should definitely give you and your little one some much needed relief! Our bodies are designed with a brilliant immune system (thank you Jesus!) but there are certain nutrients that when used correctly can miraculously take our body’s immune response to another level! Non-coincidentally most of these nutrients are found in WHOLE FOODS, herbs, plants, etc. Basically God didn’t mess up when it comes to our bodies getting sick. We just need to use the resources He has generously provided us with.  Whole foods should be what our normal every day diets already consist of so I’m not going to go into that, but eating a variety of whole foods consistently should give your body what it needs to keep a healthy immune system. Even if you have the “perfect” diet, you’re still going to occasionally come down with something and need a little extra help! This is when these “supplements” will come in handy since they are more highly concentrated so that you can get a larger dose of these immune boosters quickly and effectively! 

Here is a list of some supplements to keep on hand during flu season and why! **There are some quick links at the end of this post for the supplements I recommend if you would like to sneak ahead and stock up your pantry! **

  1. Vitamin C (preferably liquid form so that you & your little ones can safely use it). Vitamin C is like the staple antioxidant for our body’s immune system! Vitamin C is used to help your body cleanse itself from just about ANY toxin you’re exposed to (inhaling smoke, toxic skin products, bacteria, etc.) Follow the instructions on your vitamin C supplement for dosing for you or your little one, but make sure you’re dosing them accordingly if they’re sick and not just giving them the daily recommended dose. A good rule of thumb is to give it until you notice their bowel movements becoming soft/diarrhea like and then  you can back off some. Some foods that are rich in vitamin C (if you don’t have a more concentrated supplement on hand) are: cherries, cabbage, grapefruit, oranges, lemon/lime, plums, tomato (or tomato juice), and turnips. 
  2. Garlic! Garlic is an amazing natural antibiotic! There are all kinds of ways to get garlic into your body, and a lot of you might be thinking that you get plenty of garlic from the seasoning shaker bottle you have in your pantry that you use to spice up your dinner menu…..WELL….THINK AGAIN! We’re talking about eating garlic by the cloves…. a little much? That’s why there are highly concentrated supplements out there! Just make sure the supplement you choose is a pure form of garlic and doesn’t have a bunch of fillers in it. You can take garlic daily as a prophylactic way to help your body ward off the nasties, but if you’re sick then you need to take large enough doses in order to help your body combat whatever it’s fighting against! Follow the instructions on the back of your supplements to make sure you’re using the correct dosing regimen.  Email me at crunchyrnsarah@gmail.com for a free Garlic Lemonade Recipe that’ll knock the socks off the flu!
  3. Licorice Root Tincture! This tincture helps slow down the production of mucus. So if your symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, cough, or congestion then try this! 10 drops is usually enough for the average adult but follow the dosing instructions on the bottle to be on the safe side. 
  4. Echinacea is a flowering herb that people commonly use to fight flu/cold symptoms. Research has shown that taking Echinacea increases your body’s white blood cells (which are used to fight off infection). 
  5. Elderberry Syrup- Elderberry is another flowering plant that has been used to treat illness for decades. It contains many antioxidant flavonols (quercetin, kaempferol, and isorhamnetin), is rich in anthocyanins, and is a good source of phenolic acids. One of the most commons ways it’s used is in syrup form. There are many options for dosing littles with this syrup as well! Just make sure you follow the instructions on the label. 

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Get Well Soon Mama!

These are my 2 loves that I have to keep from getting sick!

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  1. This is so timely! My LO has been bringing “unfriendly germs” from school and we’ve been struggling a bit to find other ways to feel better! Great list.

    1. Thanks for reading Rianna! Glad it could help you and your LO!


    2. Hey Rianna! I’m so glad that these tips can help you & your little one! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about these remedies! Praying for a season of less of those “unfriendly germs” for your family this year!


  2. My wife is beautiful and I love it when she shares her wisdom

  3. This came at the perfect time for cold & flu season. Definitely saving this for later, thanks!


    1. I’m so glad this helped you Jennifer! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about these tips! Praying for a season of less runny noses for your littles this year!!


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