Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts For Kids

Decorative Platters
Christmas Ornament

Let your little loves make something special for their friends and family this year! These 2 DIY Christmas gifts are inexpensive and easy to make!

Okay ya’ll so first of all… I am NOT the most creative person AND my love language is NOT gift giving. Needless to say I struggle coming up with ideas of what to get my loved ones for Christmas. Now that I have a little girl it is even more challenging because I want her to be a part of the giving process as well. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE giving! I’m just not the best at coming up with creative ideas of what to get people.  When I came up with the idea of these DIY Christmas gifts that Hazleigh could make I was floored…BUT I didn’t have any ideas of where to begin. So…. of course I got on pinterest! You can check out my DIY Board here to find tons of other amazing ideas for Christmas or any other occasion!


Arts & Crafts with a one year old.....oh myyy.....

I found SO many precious ideas for girls and boys to make for gifts. I decided to do something Christmas related and then also something that they could use all throughout the year. We made enough for Hazleigh’s grandparents and great grandparents to have one of each and still only spent about $35 TOTAL! (This will obviously vary depending on how many you need to make)  We ended up having a blast making everything! It was a challenging process but thinking about how special it would be made it so worth it! We used Hazleigh’s pointer finger to make the sunshine rays and butterfly wings on the platters and the Christmas tree and red “dots” on the ornaments. Then I used a small paint brush to do the detail work. We put the platters in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes to cure the paint and then used a clear coat sealant to reduce the wear and tear. **Put the platters in the “cold” oven while it preheats so that they heat up gradually and do not crack. We used all acrylic paint. 

Here's a List of Supplies You Will Need-

Plastic or Glass Round Ornaments

Acrylic Paint- Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, & Black

Platters (or decorative plates, bowls, etc.)

At least 2 Small Paint Brushes that can be used for details

Red Ribbon to tie onto the top of the ornament

Clear/Glossy Sealant that’s safe for food 

**Make sure you put the child’s name & the date on the presents! This will make it even more special and memorable!



I will link the supplies that you can purchase easily online below!

Check out “Crafting a Family’s” Pin for some craft ideas for daughters to give to Mom here-

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