3 Natural Sleeping Remedies- Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the bomb!

3 Natural and Inexpensive Sleeping Remedies- Essential Oils. Okay so first of all essential oils are amazing to me! I feel like I have found an oil to help with EVERYTHING, and I think I’m even starting to convince my husband as well. For most people sleep is kinda an important part of our daily lives so lets talk about 3 oils that you can diffuse to help you and your little loves rest easier. Again, these 3 specific essential oils are not only great natural sleeping remedies, BUT they’re also relatively inexpensive to diffuse!


  1. Lavender– Most people know this one already, and it’s probably one of the most popular oils to diffuse because it’s like the cure all for everything! Some of its most popular effects are relaxation, anti-stress, sleep, etc. It was a game changer when my daughter was born! We diffused it in her room at night, and I had a roll on that I would put all over her if she was having “one of those days!” I also loved diffusing lavender while I was in labor to help me relax..or try to! Check out my blog about Natural Birth to see some other great resources for your birth experience at https://crunchyrn.com/index.php/2019/12/10/birth/
  2. Eucalyptus– This is one you might not hear about in reference to sleep very often, BUT when one of your loves is congested and they are snoring next to you all night then you might consider this a good option 😉 I diffuse eucalyptus during allergy and cold season  almost 24/7.
  3. Chamomile– This herb is actually something to think about using in many ways- not just in a diffuser! People drink this is tea, infuse it in lotions, use it in roll-ons, etc. It’s known for it’s help with insomnia though, so diffusing it at night is definitely a good idea if you or one of your loves is not sleeping.
Check out what Blunders In Babyland say about positive sleep environments as well at https://blundersinbabyland.com/?s=sleep

Check out these convenient links below to try diffusing these oils for yourself and let me know what you think!

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