Paleo newbie

List’en up!! (get it?…wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

I am a list girl.  Lists make me happy.  Lists make me feel organized.  Lists make me feel smarter.  I prefer to make lists with pen and paper…so I can literally cross things off my list.  My hubby always says I need to just list it in my phone.  “Use the notes on your phone”, he says.  “It’s easier”, he says.  Well I say, “phhhht!”  No thanks…I will stick to pen and paper. They make me happy.  (Except when I leave my notebook of lists at home…and then I wish I had listened to the hubster.)

ANYWHO!!  Today I listed some “no-no’s” of strict paleo;  I listed some “borderline” paleo; I listed items to stock up on; I listed kitchen tools I may want to buy; I listed recipes; and I listed paleo blogs from where I “copied” said recipes.  Did I tell you I like lists?  I am beginning to feel so PALEO!!  Do I sound any different?  I think I’ve already lost some weight!

Paleo No-No's
Paleo No-No’s

My lists showed me that I am going to be listing A LOT more if I don’t want to fall off the wagon in 2 days.  This new lifestyle is going to take time…money…preparation and I will need to plan it out weekly if not daily.  I took my pantry list and marked through the items I already had.  Marking through some items that I don’t have to buy made me happy, happy, happy.   Mark through = less money I have to spend tomorrow.  Yay for me!

Stock the cupboard?!
Stock the cupboard?!

Tomorrow night I plan on making Pork Chops with mushroom sauce and Spicy Smashed Sweet Potatoes.  I don’t think sweet potatoes are on the “strict” paleo diet…but I ain’t claiming to be strict!!  Remember, baby steps.  I found some good sites to help me out on this transition.  A few of my new favs are Paleo Cupboard, Paleomg, and Civilized Caveman.  So who is super excited to take her lists and head out to the grocery store tomorrow!!  >>THIS GIRL<<  Let’s do this!

**The Pork chops with mushroom sauce were SO good!!  A++ from the hubby**