natural pain relief

Pain relief without medicine? Why yes, I do believe I will!

If you know me at all, you know I suffer from horrible back pain.  I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back.  My dad has had multiple back surgeries and still suffers from debilitating pain…even with narcotic pain medicine.  I went to a back specialist and he informed me that the discs in my lower back were completely gone.  Where there should be the “cushion” of a gel like disc…I have bone on bone.  He told me that he could write me a prescription for pain meds and an anti-inflammatory.  I accepted to the anti-inflammatory but declined the narcotic.  He said that eventually if the pain is too much I will need to consider surgery…the procedure is called a 360 fusion.  They make an incision through my stomach…and one through my back.  They fuse the lower vertebrae with metal and or bone taken from another area.  I said NO THANKS!  I continued to suffer through lots of painful days and loads of Motrin.  Until I found the Morphine Bomb.  It eases my pain so much that I rarely, if ever, take Motrin or my prescription NSAIDs.  YAY for YL oils!!!!  Natural pain relief!!!!  I am all for it!!