Bring on the ‘buch!

Ok I admit it!  I like to get my drank on!!!  I like to sit back on a hot day and throw one…or a few back.  I like to collect the bottles and line them up like what you find in a frat house.  I might have an addiction strong craving for a certain fizzy drink of sorts.  I mean I don’t NEED it, I can quit anytime I want.  And really…what’s it to ya?  It’s MY life!!!  GAW!!!!!

I can’t help it that Kombucha is so delicious.  I tried to resist its allure…sitting there in the grocery cooler looking all sorts bubbly and cheerful (yes drink bottles can look cheerful).  But the combination of the enzymes, probiotics, and immune boosting benefits sucked me in.

So yes I will driving 30mins to pick up a six pack.  Yes they have their own kombucha bag.  Yes I will overlook that the $2.50 price tag.  I will even pay full price.  I have no shame.  If loving kombucha is wrong…I don’t wanna be right.

But all that was about to change!  One day as I perused one of my many “crunchy” Facebook pages I spotted someone offering free SCOBYS!!!  Ummm hello?  God is that you trying to tell me something?  I really think I heard him say “of course dear…I want you to brew your own ‘buch”.  Now…I can not prove that I heard God’s voice but there really was a free SCOBY and I really was all over that offer like a duck on a june bug.

What’s a SCOBY you ask?  Well it is a nasty looking little thing, usually a disc shaped gelatinous glob.  She is not appetizing to look at.  I mean it’s not like I would gnaw on her while watching a movie or anything.  She knows her place and is pleased as puddin when she’s floating on some tea.  SCOBY, or, symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast if you wanna be hard core; is the living portion of the drink.  Are your mouths starting to water yet?  Yea…mine too.

Now with SCOBY in hand I could have unlimited Kombucha at my disposal!  I am officially a ‘buch bootlegger.  Ok ok…maybe not so much a bootlegger but I am now officially brewing my own kombucha at home.  It may or may not be legal.  I will leave you to wonder.

Let me break down the process for ya.  I brewed a batch of tea.  Approximately 1 gallon.  Of course I used organic green tea.  You can use other types (but they say not “flavored”).  Don’t ask who “they” are…you DON’T want to know.  Anywho…I put about a cup and a half of raw organic sugar in the tea and brought it to a boil.  I know a lot of you fit freaks peeps are gasping at the amount of sugar.  Don’t fret.  SCOBY to the rescue!!  Once the tea cooled to room temperature I added the SCOBY and the liquid she was in and put it all in a 1+ gallon size glass container.  The yeast and bacteria (all good kinds) feed off the sugar that is in the brew, or better yet they consume the sugar so you don’t have to.  WHAT WHAT?!?!  This process is called fermentation.  Can you all repeat that together?  FER, MEN, TA, TION.  Good job!    I covered the brew with a coffee filter and a paper towel and held it in place with a rubber band.  Then I put a paper bag over the container and shoved it all onto a corner shelf in my dark pantry and let SCOBY do her thang.

Fast forward two weeks and it was time for the 2nd fermentation.  This is usually the time where fruit or other flavorings are added. I decided on strawberry basil.  Seriously y’all…does it not sound like a delicious combo?  Thought so.  I poured my kombucha into smaller glass bottles, this time with air tight lids.  I added my strawberries and basil that I previously chopped up a bit in the food processor.  Once bottled I left the kombucha on the counter for about 4 days.  During this time the yeast and bacteria fed off the sugars in the brew and created the fizz.  Do y’all get what I am saying?  It is pretty much bottled yeast and bacteria poots.  Gross huh?!?!  But it tastes so good!!

Fast forward 4 days and I am sitting here drinking my homemade ‘buch.  Don’t mind if I do, don’t. mind. if. I. do.  I am not gonna lie…it’s pretty darn good.  Yes I may be a tad biased.  But I am proud of me and my little SCOBY!!  I’ve already started another batch.

Here are a few pics I took along the way.  They ain’t pretty.  :)  But the outcome is delicious!!

Momma SCOBY in batch of fresh brewed tea
Momma SCOBY in batch of fresh brewed tea
She's growing...makes me proud.
She’s growing…makes me proud.
Look away...she's hideous!
Look away…she’s hideous!
After first fermentation and after strawberries and basil were added
After first fermentation and after strawberries and basil were added
After 2nd product.  Some bottles are missing i.e. consumed.
After 2nd fermentation…final product


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