Let’s eat!

Tonight I decided to cook!  Not just warm something up…but REALLY cook.  I found this lovely Paleo recipe on Against All Grain.  I have been ogling the cookbook and all of the beautiful recipes for some time now.  I don’t know what took me so long to check out her website.  I guess sometimes I can be a little slow.  But it is now book marked!

I planned this meal a few days ago and headed out on one of my days off to shop for the ingredients.  However, the 3 stores I went to were out of leeks.  Yep you heard that right…out of leeks.  I have never had a Leek in my 40 years on this earth…and you’re telling me that they are so popular that Sprouts, Kroger, AND MarketStreet were out of them?  Hogwash I tell you.  So take note, even though I pride myself on following a recipe to a ‘T’ the first go-round, this one was Leek-less.  Oh well, I am sure I would not like Leeks anyway.  They look very vegetable-y.  My unhealthy body can only handle one new veggie at a time…and tonight it was cauliflower.

I hadn’t even planned on cooking tonight.  It was the fear that my cauliflower and already thawed organic chicken would go bad sort of forced me into it.  The meal didn’t take too long to prepare.  However, one of the first steps is to remove the chicken tender from the chicken breast.  WHAT?!?!  Are you telling me that the tender is not the same thing as the chicken breast?  Tenders are not just chicken breasts cut into strips?  I was stumped.  So I did what any novice chef would do.  I Googled “How to remove a tender from a chicken breast”.  Thankfully, there was a YouTube video of just that…removing a tender.  My chef ranking has now gone from novice to novice II.  I’m a fast learner.

The recipe states that the prep time is 20 minutes.  Well, that is only if you have already removed the tenders and made the pesto sauce.  Which I hadn’t.  So I am going to say the prep time is more like 40mins.  Just a heads up.

So enough fluff.  Let’s get to the meat of the matter.  Get it?  Do ya get it?  The “meat” of the matter?  tap, tap, tap is this thing on? 

Excuse my grainy pic…but I started cooking late and well, our lighting stinks.


Here is the recipe that I followed!  Try it out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

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