Little Miracles

I am just sitting here on a Thursday night thinking about my week thus far.  It has been a week of ups and downs to say the least.   I turned 40 on monday.  Although neither an up nor down I was off of work and with my husband and daughter.  No place I would rather be.  But then came Tuesday.  When I got to work I was told it was going to be a busy day and that I had a nursing student assigned to me, which adds more work from the get go.  Even though it is a necessary part of getting through school it makes it hard on the “teaching” nurse.  I know,  I know…we shouldn’t dread students.  But we do.  Don’t judge me.  Just being honest.

I was then given report about each patient and was told one in particular was gonna be a challenge.  Already frustrated from having a student nurse, I was instantly dreading what I was going to walk into.  Actually, I was pouting inside; borderline pissed.  Fast forward and I walk into that patients room and instantly smell something I was familiar with.  Thieves.  I smelled Thieves.  As I approached her bed I noticed other Young Living oils on her bedside table.  So of course I told her that I too use YL oils.  She looked at me in disbelief and started crying.  After a few minutes she calmed down and I asked her to tell me what was going on; why she was crying.  Long story short…what SHE knew to be best for her baby was not in line with what some of the DRs’ and nurses’ believed to be best.  She felt alone and helpless.  I let her know that she would not feel like that from me.  I told her that I am oily, and natural, and of the belief that she is the mom and knows what is best for her baby.  I let her know that I would not challenge her belief or pressure her to do something she didn’t want for her baby.  She cried and cried and said that she posted a prayer request to friends and family on Facebook that morning before I got there…and asked them to pray that God would send someone to help her.  And then she said “and then you walked in!”  She told me God answered her prayers with me!  ME!  Plain jane frumpy 40 year old me!!  I ain’t nothing special.  I hold no superpower.  I am flawed beyond belief.  Me…the same girl who just 5 minutes before was pouting about the crummy day she was about to have.  Little did I know that what I was actually walking into was a the little miracle of answered prayers of so many people.  I even had a friend, Melissa,  in East Tx who saw my patient’s original post and felt so sad for her that she prayed “that God would send her a sweet nurse”.  She had no idea that the person she was praying for was in DFW, let alone at my hospital, let alone going to be assigned to me.  Melissa said she cried when a follow up post was put up by my patient tagging my name as an answer to her prayers.

Yall with me?  Have I lost you?

Come to find out we are all part of the same “oily” facebook group.  A place where we go to learn and share about oils.  Had I not been so busy pouting and dreading my day I may have seen her prayer request and probably would have whispered a little prayer for her.   Thankfully she was assigned to me.  Because when I finally got on Facebook in one of my few slower moments I was blessed to  read her prayer request and all of the amazing responses from dozens and dozens of prayer warriors.  And I was truly humbled after reading her follow up post tagging me as her “angel”.  I am no angel.  But man it feels good to have been able to make someones day better.

I never started using Young Living oils for money.  I started using to help myself and my family become healthier in a natural way.  I started sharing them with others so that they could learn of how they had blessed me.  Never in a million years did I think they would lead me to another person in this manner. But what a blessing this experience has turned out to be to me!

Oh…and the last little blessing?!?!  Her little one was born on my birthday.  :)



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  1. This makes me bawl every time I read it… & yes, I keep coming back 😉 God was so good to me that day! I hope He blesses you over & over again for being my “angel” that day!!!

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