Surefire Ways To Derail Your Diet

As I start week 4 of eating a paleo diet I thought I would take this time to warn you of a few pitfalls you may want to avoid.  Not me because I am doing so well, but some of you who may be feeling a bit weak.  Me…I’m going strong.  Fighting temptations like I am Mohammed Ali.  So here is my advice to all of you:

1.  Never head into the weekend with an empty fridge/pantry saying “I will shop sunday”.  Not a good idea.  Don’t expect those two eggs to be there the next morning.  Let alone be able to feed a family of 5 for the entire weekend.

2.  Never try to be supermom and get the kids donuts because there are only 2 eggs in the fridge.

3.  Never let each kid choose 2 donuts, plus 3 glazed and 3 chocolate in case the hubs wants some, plus chocolate milk and kolaches.

4.  Never let the donut shop lady throw in an extra cinnamon and glaze twist just to be nice.

5.  Never assume that the extra donut was God saying “you’ve eaten so well…here ya go”

6.  Never agree to go out to a mexican restaurant for your friends 40th surprise birthday.  Because you won’t be able to eat Paleo…that is just being selfish and the night is not about you.

7.  Never let them set a basket of warm chips directly in front of you.  Again God?  “Awwww…You shouldn’t have.”

8.  Never accept the “extra” margarita that the server ordered accidentally.  And DEFINITELY do NOT believe God was giving it to you.  That is just wrong.

9.  Never head out to an all day cheer competition without having eaten breakfast…and without packing snacks…AND thinking I can just grab something there.

10.  Never let your husband go grab drinks and snack for you at the cheer competition…he just might come back with nachos and a coke.

11.  Never leave the cheer competition and go directly to the state fair whilst hungry.  However…the crazy crowds and lines just might save you from faltering.  Maybe!

12.  Never let your husband and kids decide on dinner on the way home from the fair and cheer competition…they might choose Subway.

13.  Never ever let your husband order your dinner…you might end up with a turkey and salami sandwich with chipotle mayo, jalapeño chips, and a coke!!!

14.  Never get home late Sunday evening and remember you were supposed to go grocery shopping and now you work tomorrow and you have nothing to take for lunch.  (Except two eggs)

To set the record straight…I am not necessarily  talking about me.  I am just saying these might be good tips to consider if you find yourself trying to stay healthy.   But if you do fall into any of these traps…just realize that tomorrow is a new day.  And you can start again.  You.  Not me…because I am doing SOOOOOO perfectly good!!

Wanna see what the hubs and son were doing at the cheer competition?  Check it out!


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