Week One Down in the History Books

I survived my first week of eating strictly paleo!!  Wahoo!!!  I have to say it went a lot smoother than I thought.  Except for Tuesday…it was just an unprepared and unorganized mess.  But each day after that got easier and easier.  I am still reading and researching about it all.  Learning what I should and shouldn’t eat.  Why some things are on the no-no list.  If I know the reason or the science behind something it makes it easier for me to digest.  Get it?  Digest?  Ha!!  Anywho, I did give myself a cheat day…which backfired on me.  An instant headache and nausea were my parting gift.  Ummmm no thanks!

I have felt amazing!!!  Before I started this I was constantly exhausted, sluggish, moody, with daily headaches.  This week I have woken up feeling refreshed and the ONLY headache I had was after my cheat meal.  I’m not as moody…except when helping with the kiddos’ math work.  But that is enough to make anyone go nuts.  But overall I have felt better than ever.  Now if that don’t tell ya something I don’t know what will!!

So what have I eaten?  Well…meat, fruit, and veggies.  Lots of them!!  Although I need to work on eating more veggies.  As I sit here typing this…there is brisket in the crockpot.  The crockpot has been my saving grace on days I work.  Nothing is more frustrating than working 12 hours and coming home hungry with nothing cooked.  Before I would just come home and have a bowl of cereal or peanut butter sandwich.  My biggest challenge though is planning what to eat when I am at work.  The food in the hospital cafeteria is subpar to say the least.  Even the salad bar.  But this week I am super prepared!!

In case yall are thinking I am just eating chicken and broccoli.  Think again.  Take a gander at these bright plates of food.  Nothing plain and bland about em!

Grilled Chicken and Mango/Jicama/Carrot Slaw
Yummy, Hearty Breakfast
Quail Eggs
Quail Eggs

Just kidding…I didn’t eat quail eggs!!  But I could if I wanted to…but I don’t.  :)

Week 2 has started out even better.  I have lots of recipes pinned and am hoping to add more good eats to my menu.  I will update again next week.  Do you all have any good recipes to share?  What healthy changes did you make this week?

Stats:  34.5lbs to lose

Inches: Lots

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