A Post about Nothing.

Do you hear that?  Me either.  It is so quiet in the house right now.  All I can hear is the trickle sound from my diffuser.  The kiddos are gone.  My hubby is sleeping.  It’s just me and computer right now.  I love my quiet times!!  Especially after the crazy homeschooling and work week I have had.  Nonstop!!!  Busyness on top of trying to figure out this blogging and paleo thing wiped me OUT.  I was tempted to turn the TV on for a second so that I could set my dvr to record The Pioneer Woman’s new episode tomorrow…but I didn’t.  I knew I would get sucked in.  Even if I muted it…I would still have the busyness of the TV in my view.  For now…I want the stillness and calm that is my living room right now.

I love times like this.  They always make me sit back and laugh at what went on the days before.  The things that absolutely made me think I was gonna lose my mind seem so minuscule. It makes me thankful for this very moment.  There are things I should be doing.  I have a ton of laundry, probably some dishes, a cluttered craft table and no telling what the kids have left for me upstairs.  Oh and of course the whole “whats for dinner” question.  But I don’t care.  I will tackle all of that another time.  Right now I am gonna sit on my perch a little longer and just chill.

Does anyone else neglect their To-Do’s to take advantage of quietness?  Or do you always use those times to get things done?  Isn’t it funny that we think that if we are not busy all the time that it is lazy or neglectful?  I feel like that a lot.  But today I look at it as being healthy.  I needed this.

Take some time for you today, and when you do don’t feel guilty.  Be thankful.  All those other things will still be waiting for you later.  As for me, my quiet time is up…my husband is up, had his coffee, and is now playing GTA 5.  Talk about a peace killer.

GTA V–Ugh!


Side note:  I could not wrap my head around the fact that busYness is in fact the correct spelling.  Ha…I tried business…and even busy-ness.  Nope…busyness.  There ya go.  Your schooling for the day.



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