Lay off me…I’m STARVING!!!

Gold star for whoever gets that reference!!  My money is on Chuck.

Yesterday was a success…and a failure. I followed the rules of no dairy, soy, grain, etc etc.   But I had to scramble all day to figure out what to eat.   Remember in my previous post where I said this is going to take lots of planning?  WELL…I really really need to plan better.  Before, when I would wake up I could just walk down and make cereal, or waffles, or oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. But today I went downstairs to eat my breaky…and there was nothing.  There was one egg.  Thats it.  So what did I do?  I ignored breakfast for a while.  FAIL.  So as I sat there trying to avoid the kitchen and my hunger I totally forgot to put my crockpot meal in the crockpot.  FAIL.  Once my hubby woke up we went into town to pick up the kiddos and to see my in-laws’ new house.  We grabbed Chik-fil-a on the way…thank you baby Jesus!!!  Now I didn’t order my regular…this time I ordered grilled nuggets and a side of fruit; plus I made some honey mustard to dip it in.  I know, I know…that’s not on the list of approved “organic” meats and fruits.  But it WAS meat and fruit none the less.   Success!!  Do you know how stinking hard it was to pass the fam their meals with all their glorious french fries and breaded nuggets and sandwiches?  I didn’t even snag a one!!!  I didn’t even check the bag for dropped fries.  Huge success.  Does anyone else do that?  When passing everyone their french fries you make sure one or two falls to the bottom of the bag…and then oopsy, looky what mom found?  I don’t, but I am sure some of you do. 😉

fast food paleo–grilled nuggets and fruit

We returned home about 330 or so…and the hunger and crankiness kicked in again.  Oh and this time…with a headache!! YAY!!!  I made myself a shakeology drink…but it just didn’t do the trick.  So after homeschooling, and after I dropped my kiddo off at tumbling off I went to Central Market.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place.  But holy smokes it’s expensive.  As I meandered through the store I found myself looking in other peoples baskets and being a tad envious.  I kept thinking…”why is it ok for you to eat that” or “I want some of that too”. I think I actually said “pfffft” a few times.  I was gonna snag me a cup of coffee but there were two guidos there hogging it all up.  I snarled at them and kept going.  I literally found  myself stopping and ogling all the foods I couldn’t have.  Is soy in EVERYTHING?!?!  Is pasta REALLY a grain?  Funny thing is…I don’t even like pasta but at that moment…I wanted it!  Beans are a no-no so hummus is out!!!!  Now that is a hard one!  And because they have that lovely store set up so well…you pretty much HAVE to pass by all the gourmet cheeses and all the baked goods and breads to get to the meats.  I wanted to go jump into the middle of all that bread and just eat until I passed out.  I made it around to the prepared food area…where everything is warm and ready to eat.  I kid you not I stood in front of the chicken quesadillas for about 5 mins.  Just staring…waving off any need of help.  But I stayed strong.  Success!!  Two bags and $80 later I was finally heading home for dinner.  Sort of.  I was kind of digging my goods out 30 seconds after I left the store.  I have never enjoyed the taste of fancy smancy lunch meat as much as I did at that moment.  I sat in my car and ate a few pieces…maybe 4.  Maybe more.  I dunno.   Anywho…I finally made it home.  Had a few more pieces of meat…and a little spoon of almond butter…and some fruit.  I know…it wasn’t enough.  So that was a FAIL.  But I didn’t cheat…so really the day was a success.  No?  Overall I just need to plan better.  I hate being hungry with nothing around to eat.  Today was much better…

Now for the answer to my title reference:   Gap Girls

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  1. Girl, you’re being WAYYYY too hard on yourself. Food is to be enjoyed! I married a chef so food is our common ground. However, don’t be like my inlaws where (as I call them, “ETS’s…definition: Eat To Survive) they eat because it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it may be from Luby’s or a shared frozen Lean Cuisine. Make for dinner what makes you happy, eat a quarter of what you want, take away the pasta for wheat or glutton free pasta, use a little less sauce or salt, but Do Not, for the sake of humanity or good taste, give up a great tasting meal! In the words of my husband….”Damn, this is good and your thighs will thank me later.” I

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